Router Table Fence

I made a fence for the mini router table I made in my last post. The fence slides across the table for precise placement but can be locked into place with homemade wood clamps. The fence face is adjustable to accommodate different sized router bits and there is a port on the back for a vacuum hose for dust collection.

You can download free plans here.Router Table Fence

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3 thoughts on “Router Table Fence”

  1. Thank you for the clip, i’ve been struggling creating a proper router table fence, especially those support pieces and this clip helped me a lot.

  2. You realize that you would want a router table when you’re working with bigger bits of wood you need to hold on to when you are cutting them by using your router. Using the table, you know that fewer vibrations may occur and along the way, you will accomplish a much solution cut than what you might be expecting to obtain.
    Bench Dog Router Table

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