Drill Lathe

I have an old, cheapo drill that I rarely use so I decided to turn it into a lathe. The lathe is made from 8 pieces of wood mostly 3/4″ x 3 1/5″ boards with one part made from a 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ board. It’s simple and easy and this video shows how I did it. It works quite well for turning cork.

You can download free plans (diagrams with measurements) here.


Router Table Fence

I made a fence for the mini router table I made in my last post. The fence slides across the table for precise placement but can be locked into place with homemade wood clamps. The fence face is adjustable to accommodate different sized router bits and there is a port on the back for a vacuum hose for dust collection.

You can download free plans here.

Mini Router Table

I have a Craftsman All-In-One cutting tool (a spiral saw like a RotoZip) that came with a router base and I decided to make a table for it so I could have a small router table. I don’t have much storage space so I made folding legs for the table and I think it turned out well. I wouldn’t want to use this for large projects or with large router bits but it seems to work well for small projects.

You can download free plans for the table here.

DIY Macro Extension Tubes

I really like macro (close-up) photography but macro lenses are expensive. There are a number of cheaper ways to get nice macro shots and one of them is by moving the lens away from the camera via an extension tube. I came up with a cheap and easy way to make extension tubes from ABS or PVC pipe, a camera body cap, a rear lens cap, and some JB Weld KwikWeld (Amazon link).

This simple style of extension tube doesn’t have electrical contacts between the lens and camera so you might lose aperture and focus control but you can repurpose old manual focus lenses and give them new life this way!

Here’s how I do it.

The link to the online calculator mentioned in the video is here.

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