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  1. I made your Kayak/Canoe dolly but I modified it slightly. I love being able to transport either way! I put two “4-way” connectors at the bottom where the wheel axle goes through instead of “T” ones. That enabled me to put short pieces and “T” connectors and feet, below, at will. It can be attached and removed when needed, creating a temporary stand. Then I made a counterpart stand almost the same, but the same height and top dimensions for the second stand without the wheels. So, I have a Kayak/Canoe stand for cleaning, etc. and the cart that you created. Your cart works perfect for aiding in putting on our SUV, but when I take out the small commuter car it is still challenging to put the kayak on top. I want to make/modify the cart to attach it upside down to my car’s trunk so that I can “wheel” the kayak up on top.

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