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I recently saw an online commercial for DollarShaveClub that was hillarious and so I went to their website and liked what I saw so I signed up for their 4X razors. Every month, they send me 4 razor cartridges for $6/month. Each cartridge has 4 blades and the initial shipment included a free handle. After signing up my experience took a turn for the worst.  I signed up (and was charged) on April 28. A few days later I got an email saying that due to high demand, my “membership” would not start until May 10 (although they had no problems taking my money on April 28th). I received an email around May 23 (give or take) stating that my blades had shipped. I finally received my blades on May 26, nearly a month after I placed my order started my “membership.” Not a great start but I was only out $6 if all else failed. Here is a video I made as I opened the envelope:

Once the envelope shipped, it arrived quickly and the packaging was nice and minimal without excessive packaging, which I like. The razor handle is quite nice. It is sturdy with pretty good weight to it. There is some metal in the construction, which I was pleasantly surprised to see. The razor cartridges each have 4 blades and a lubricating moisture strip.  Unfortunately, it does not come with any sort of holder for the razor handle like you would get with similar name brand razors. After shaving with it, I found the razor to be a pretty good razor. It shaves well with little to no irritation and I have fairly sensitive skin. The moisture strip doesn’t seem to do much so the shave isn’t completely smooth but I haven’t experienced much irritation. Below is a video I made while shaving with it for the first time:

Before signing up with DollarShaveClub, I was using a Gillette Fusion. Comparing the DollarShaveClub 4X to the Fusion isn’t completely fair because the 4X only has 4 blades to the Fusion’s 5. DollarShaveClub has a razor that is comparable to the Fusion that costs $9/month. Even though it isn’t a fair comparison, I’m going to do it anyway. The 4X shaves well but not quite a smoothly as the Fusion. The Fusion’s 5 blades and larger head make for a smoother shave but the larger head can be harder to get into small areas like below the nose and around the jaw-line. My first impression of the 4X is that it does shave pretty close to the skin without much irritation. Overall, I am quite happy with the 4X even if it isn’t quite a smooth as the Fusion. Once you consider price ($1.5/cartridge versus $XXX/cartridge) the DollarShaveClub 4X wins in a landslide!

I am quite happy with my purchase and would recommend DollarShaveClub to others but be aware that your first shipment might be delayed.


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