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Mini Fishing Spears

How to make small-sized pole spears and Hawaiian sling spears with interchangeable spearheads. These could be scaled up easily.

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Constrictor Knot:

Supplies (most can be found at local hardware stores):
15mm Bicycle Spokes – check eBay
#10-24 Stainless Steel Coupling Nut – check eBay
PC-7 –
Driveway Marker –
Stainless Steel #10-24 Machine Screw (bolt) –
Quick Set Epoxy –
Stainless Steel #210 Screw Eye – check hardware store
3/8″ OD 1/4″ ID Latex Tubing –
Paracord –
Braided Fishing Line –
3/4″ PVC and fittings – check hardware store
5/8″ ID Nylon Hose Barb Connector T – check hardware store
8″ Releasable Ties –

Mini Fishing Spears

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